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You are realizing test and measurement systems with realtime behaviour?
You want to run your system on a PC with MS Windows operation system?

We have lots of template solutions in this area and offer our know how. Avoid experiments and start talking to the expert!

Here an example:

For recording biometric data from a mobile data collection device (body box) a PC is used. For hours it shall record per-second data blocks of e.g. 6 kBytes over a serial communication interface and save this data stream to a disk file. At the same time the PC shall run video capture with a MPEG2 processor card and an application for visualization and process control. The application shall be developped with VB.

Our contractor tried to implement this with available and self made ActiveX components. They failed. Even experienced developpers refrain from the complex (or unknown) realtime behaviour of MS operating systems.

After 15 months in project the solutions found were still faulty: The PC was almost unusable on a PIII machine due to high load (30% basic load from data aquisition, 30 % load from video capture, 10 % load from on screen video display + more load from visualization..). Regularly data were lost due to system lockup for several seconds.

Our solution
An ActiveX-Server controlled by the application and handling the complete data stream all by itself. The server also implements a 3964R interface that can be used to exchange messages between the body box and the workstation. The server continues even if the application fails or is busy executing extensive user operations. These conditions no longer cause data loss.

Implementation with Visual C++, ATL, free threading
Processor load during data taking: < 3% of a PII machine.

only 1 PM, in this case not reusing any existing components

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