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 SPO4025i Pulse oximetry OEM Module

OEM function module

  • Dimensions: 40 x 25 mm, 18-pin DIL
  • Power supply: 3 V, 2 mA (6 mW) plus 0.5 to 1 mA for probe LEDs
  • Certified, long lived components of known brands
  • 16 bit signal processor for artefact suppression
  • EMI filters for all system interfaces on board
  • Controls all brand sensors, using LED current regulation
  • Controls an optional third LED for determination of HBCO
  • Measurement of coding resistor or 1-wire device in probe 
  • Sensitivity: 0.05 % perfusion
  • Complete signal evaluation, patient model with perfusion, pulse, pulse jitter, pulse wave rise time, saturation 
  • ECG input for absolute determination of PTT (pulse transition time) and for improved motion artefact tolerance 
  • Dynamic ambient light correction up to 150 Hz 
  • Precision measurement with digital determination and supervision of HBCO, ambient light, LED current, LED voltage and signal quality
  • Various ready-to-use data protocols, e.g. secured bidirectional data protocol with ECC and another package for direct control of bluetooth transceiver
  • Firmware adaption possible, e.g. for veterinary application or for data exchange protocol 
  • Electronic serial number in each unit
  • Application firmware update via host interface
  • This is proven industrial technology, with several thousand units being used successfully in sleep analysis. We supply documents, patient simulators and all other materials needed to implement and support our technology in conformance with medical standards.

Our pulse oximeter works on a RS232 interface without extra power supply!

We can provide plug-and-play test kits for our customers. We are expecting your inquiry. Our sales management is open for new ideas and new business opportunities.

We deliver worldwide. 

 Downloads for SPO4025c



Information about SPO4025c

Prospect SPO4025, 171 KB

2007 Product update, Version i

Pinout, CAD Device library

Description of data transfer protocol, as a PDF-Document

Schematic for RS232 adapter, Sample program for protocol


Pulse oximetry with PC

Manual for pulse oximetry with PC, as a PDF-Document

Application software for Win32 V1.02 , 432 KB

USB Driver DLL, 56 KB

Pulse oximetry with PocketViewer

Manual for pulse oximetry with PocketViewer, as a PDF-Document

Application software for PocketViewer SPO2.bin, 48 KB

Application manager for PocketViewer PVM.exe, 489 KB

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